Sheep and Goat


This retelling of the words from Matthew 25:31-46 is a simple yet powerful call to commitment.

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Sheep hat and goat hat set DC. SHEEP and GOAT enter SR & SL respectively, perhaps carrying a manuscript, SHEEP perhaps knitting, in conversation as if trying to understand the Matt. 25 passage.


SHEEP Ok, so, when the Son of Man comes—

GOAT When the Son of Man comes in his glory

SHEEP And all his angels with him

GOAT Every last one

SHEEP He’ll sit on his throne

GOAT His glorious throne and all the nations will be gathered around him

SHEEP The Son of Man, all the angels, all the nations

GOAT And he’s going to separate them

SHEEP The angels and the nations?

GOAT No, the people: He’ll separate the people on his left and his right

SHEEP Oooo, like a… (can’t quite find the words)

GOAT Like a shepherd!


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