This almost-10-minute sketch can be the centerpiece of a Christmastime, Advent, or even Epiphany season event.

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A modernized/contextualized retelling of the wise men’s journey to find the baby King.



CLERK Howdy, fellas. What can I do for ya?

GASPAR Uh, we need some coffees.

CLERK Long trip, eh?

BALTHASAR The longest.

CLERK Where you headed?

BALTHASAR We’re trying to stay with that star up ahead. ‘You seen it?

CLERK Oh, yeah, the bright one. Yeah. We saw that come up—awhile back, and then it just stayed. It’s so…loud.

GASPAR Yeah, I guess it is. (looking up, examining it) Loud.

CLERK (handing or sliding cups across) Here’s the coffees then.

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